Lighting and Grip

Raleigh Studios offers lighting and grip services housed on the lot at all of its locations.

Hollywood Rentals

Backed by Hollywood Rentals, we can service your production anywhere, on or off lot. With various brands to meet the needs of unique productions, our extensive inventories of HMI and Tungsten lights, fluorescent units, LEDZ and specialty gear are all at your disposal. From everyday rentals to difficult to find items, we have it all. Hollywood Rentals also has preloaded grip trucks, gen-set tractor trailers, 10-tons, 5-tons, 3-tons and GV’s.


For expendables, look no further than ESS, our expendable supply division. With over 6,000 items ready for production, from gel and filters and globes to tape and hardware, ESS has what you need.

Olesen Theatrical

If theatrical lighting is what you need, check out Olesen lighting, our theatrical lighting company. Servicing film, TV and commercial production as well as concerts and events, Olesen is the premier theatrical lighting and rigging company in the US.

Shooting On Location

Hollywood Rentals and Raleigh Studios will customize an off-lot lighting and grip package that's both comprehensive and affordable. With Hollywood Rentals, Olesen and ESS, Raleigh Studios has you covered whatever your lighting and transportation needs.

Hollywood Rentals Locations:

For inquiries, call 770.599.4000

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