Office Space

Historic Raleigh Studios is centrally located to all major studios in Hollywood. With over 180, 000 sq. ft. of executive and production office space, featuring both modern designs and turn-of-the-century renovated bungalows, we can accommodate a variety of needs, from single office units to full-floor office suites up to 10,000 sq. ft. The variety of spaces available include options like kitchens, adjoining doors, stage attachment, bullpens, conference rooms, writers rooms, executive and editing suites (based on availability).

Whatever you need, we have a space just right for your needs. At Raleigh Studios we like to say "We’re More than a Lot!"


  • Nightly Janitorial Services- 5 Nights/Week
  • HVAC During Normal Business Hours
  • Basic Utilities
  • Central Mailroom


  • Executive Conference Room with HDTV, Apple TV, Video Conferencing, Wifi and LAN line
  • Records and Information Management Services
  • Messenger and Courier Services
  • Furniture Rental Packages
  • Copier Rental


  • 24/7 Security
  • 24/7 Lot Access
  • Gated Entry Service
  • Convenient Nearby Parking Structure
  • On-lot Café
  • On-lot Production Supplies & Expendables Store- Everything from Pencils to Lumber!
  • Newly Renovated On-lot Gym
  • Dog-Friendly Facility
  • Walking Distance to Sound Stages
  • In-house Telecommunications Department


  • Customizable Internet Package to Meet Your Individual Bandwidth Demands Including Simple Connections from Anywhere Back to Your Secure, Private Network can be Accommodated.
  • Campus-Wide High Speed Wired and Wireless Internet Access Covering All Studio Offices, Stages, and Open Areas of Raleigh Studios
  • On-lot, Point-to-Point, 1 GB Fiber Line for Transmitting Production Files from Stages to On-lot Production/Post Production


  • The network is constructed of new Cisco based edgeware switches dual fibered back to dual central core switches and firewalled off to a 1GB shared Internet access pipe.
  • All clients on the studio network are separated on VLAN configurations for security and completely private from all other clients.
  • Customizable Internet bandwidth configurations are available for each client and even multiple Internet bandwidths within the clients network
  • Wireless access is robust and available at all locations back to the clients home network and to the Internet for all types of mobile devices
  • Can provide service for remote connectivity, Public IP addresses, VPNs, and even direct P2P fiber connections to client locations on the studio lot

For office inquiries, call 888.960.3456 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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